Sunday, 31 July 2011

old jotters

I have been playing with some stamps again today and creating new jotters to sell at luffy 11. Can't believe its now less than a week away.


  1. That fiver I gave Maureen isn't going to be enough for all these jotters to come up the M6 to me!
    Made me smile these...great job!

  2. These are fabulous fun, I like them all.
    Kevin xx

  3. FABULOUS stamps Julia.... those jotters wont last long

  4. Great these!! I'm going to have to rob a bank just to do Viv's shopping!!! you'd better get some more done for the table!!!

  5. Hi Julia

    These are fab, hope everything goes well on Saturday, I will be thinking of you whilst Im on my journey, see you at Birstall on 3rd Sept