Sunday, 8 January 2012

Barjan's challenge

When we went shopping for goodies for the shop we came across these hearts, which we thought we could use for a window display. This was my challenge completed. Using molly bloom, and white wash cordenations.

Cards for the telly

I am not sure if these will get shown or not, but I was asked to help to make some cards for Robert Addams next show. Let me know what you think.

new creations

Barry's crafty new venture. Barjan b craftswas opened by Robert Addams and Monica (from radio leicester), the 1st week of December. It was set up in memory of two special ladies Janet and Beatrice, and has become Barrys new way of life. Very exciting times.

January's crafting

appologies for the lack of recent input to the computor type thingy, I have been crafting but life has got in the way of spare time. If I haven't been at my day job, I have been helping my good friend Barry ( aka  Barjan b) in his new venture of a craft shop. It has been very exciting seeing it all come to life, and seeing all the new and exciting crafting goodies that get ordered.

this was a card made at the "Glitter Towers",  Maureen and I went on our golden ticket class the 1st weekend of December and we made some lovely cards, a bit outside my normal remit, but a change was as good as a rest.

These are a selection of Humphry's corner cards I made to sell at work, and they were so popular I couldn't keep up with demand. I will definitely do them again. Fun to work with and really lovely images.